Easily send entertaining & crudely drawn love letters to someone you love

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What is it?

1) A message for your honey pie that's drawn on 4x6 inch water and fade resistant paper with non-toxic markers.

2) Each drawing is unique and hand-drawn by a small group of artists that can barely draw better than you.

3) Drawings are shipped in a fancy, high quality red envelope to the address of your choosing.

Order by 3PM on February 9th to have them arrive before Valentine's day. Cards are also available year-round.

Send One Today!

You can also include a 140 character message and the option of conveying "love" or "like" to the recipient!

Follow and mention @crudeletters in a tweet to receive a discount code! If you're in college, email us from a .edu email and we'll send you a 50% off discount code.

U.S. only — ships with USPS. Sorry international lovers :(